Published: Wednesday 29 March 2023

Interior Trends Set to Dominate 2023

Discover the top interior design trends and hacks of this year...

We are a quarter of the way through 2023, and with that comes an array of new design trends set to dominate our homes. As more people permanently incorporate remote work into their daily routine, we are demanding more from our homes than ever before, meaning that the way we decorate them has never been more important. At Inland Homes we take pride in making sure our new-builds feel timeless by seamlessly incorporating aspects of modern trends, whilst also leaving room for personal touches. Since the predicted trends are vast and varied, we have made sure that there is something for everyone within our show homes- whether you are looking for an injection of fun and excitement or a calming space for relaxation. What is clear is that individuality is in and conformity is out in 2023!

90s Neutrals

Neutrals are back – but with a twist. Say goodbye to cooler greys and instead bask in the warmth of earthy neutral tones in 2023. Brown-based colours such as rich caramels, deep corals, and terracottas are set to dominate interiors this year, working well with timeless all-white kitchens to bring a sense of calm and relaxation to an otherwise overtly pristine aesthetic. Accessorise with natural fibre rugs, wooden accents, and house plants to create the perfect rustic-sheek vibe. To create depth in rooms, layer different shades of warm neutrals in your soft furnishings as we have done at our show home at our Cheshunt Lakeside site through throw cushions and wall art.

Touches of Nature

As seen at our Templar Green show home, natural greens are a classic way to add a touch of life back into our homes. The past few years has shown how important access to nature and green spaces are for maintaining both our physical and mental health. Therefore, whilst bringing the outside in is not a new trend, it expected to withhold the test of time and continue to be a fan favourite in 2023. Shades of green, terracotta, and stone are a great way to add splashes of colour without overwhelming living areas, creating a crisp yet calming atmosphere to recharge in. While muted sage greens are perfect for walls, try accessorising with more vibrant shades of greens and yellows for a bolder look. Natural woven rugs and potted plants are also a great way to play around with different textures, whilst vibrant prints are a fun way to tie the room together.

Sleep Sanctuary

With increasingly more time spent working from home, it is imperative that your immediate environment inspires relaxation and minimises stress. The bedroom is the perfect place to create your own sanctuary away from work to which you can retreat after a busy day. Building a zen-zone is easy with the correct use of colour and texture; soft pastels help to create a soothing palette, while luxurious linens and textured blankets add a cosy vibe, whilst still looking elegant and stylish as seen at the bedroom in our Templar Green show home. Simplicity is key here; a minimal, clutter-free design is best for removing distractions to aid in a good night’s sleep. Interest can instead be incorporated through the use of patterned wallpaper and drapes in complementing deeper shades to avoid disruptive pops of colour.

Modern Maximalism

For those not afraid to step outside of their comfort zone, 2023 is the year to be brave and experiment with colour and texture. Shifting away from the uber-modern minimalism that has been popular over the last for last decade, this year maximalism is set to be all the rage. However, instead of creating interest through clutters of assorted decorations, this new trend creates exciting eye-scapes through layering contrasting patterns and bold colours. Who says stripes and checkers can’t co-exist together? At our show home at Cheshunt Lakeside we utilised, rugs, throw cushions, and wall art to play around with this trend, incorporating colour and pattern in a way that is very effective whilst also being easy to change-up.

Mixing materials in your furnishings is another great way to build a stimulating multi-sensory environment, velvet chairs complimenting sleek metal and wooden desks, adding an air of nuanced sophistication. Build character in your home through adding a series of stand-out pieces of art, lamps or vases. Curating an ideal setting for entertaining, this daring theme provides a talking point for visitors, adding a splash of fun and creativity back into home interior design.

The most important take-away from the upcoming trends is to have fun experimenting with your style. It is key here to reiterate that these trending themes are not mutually exclusive – feel free to take bits and pieces from each to create an environment that makes you feel excited and inspired. We have created the perfect foundations for our homeowners to express themselves in their own spaces; our stunning show-homes hopefully providing such inspiration. If you are interested in finding out more about our available properties, check out our website here.