Published: Tuesday 12 May 2020

Interior Design Trends: Decorating to Aid Creative Flow

Read our top tips for home decor during lockdown!

The current lockdown is providing UK home-owners with the perfect opportunity to rethink their décor, and truly make their house (or apartment) their home. With so much spare time available, and an interminable list of popular interior design trends on offer, now is the time to plan your perfect interior, so that you are ready to go when the shops reopen!

1. Colour Pop - Scandi designs are on their way out, with ‘Maximalism’ bounding its’ way in. This fearless interior design trend is sure to get your creative juices flowing; with eye catching colour clashes, combinations of textures and a variety of mismatching furnishings creating a fun, and dynamic living space. Don’t be afraid to go bold. Think Frida Khalo, modern art, and animal print. There are no limits. Our show home at Jasmine Park features a bright pink bedroom, with Farriers Wood likewise proving you really can push the boundaries with colour.

2. Tropical – House plants are particularly popular at the moment. With awareness of the natural world and its unwavering beauty on the rise, there is something attractive about creating an oasis in your living room. Think Kew Gardens - tropical plants, flowers, cacti, floral prints and macramé wall hangings. This trend is a sure way to aid creative flow whilst remaining in touch with nature.

3. Sustainable Style – As we are becoming more eco conscious, reduction of waste is a huge consideration. One way of maintaining sustainable style is upcycling or recycling homeware. This could be re-painting furniture, creating tapestries with old materials, or buying second-hand furniture from sites such as Gumtree or Freecycle.  You may even have something already at home that you can get to work on now!

4. Classic Blue – Classic Blue is Pantone’s colour of the year. This regal shade of azure promotes a feeling of calmness and dependability; something we could all use during these uncertain times. So, be sure to bring a dash of classic blue to your home this year; whether that’s a feature wall, a cushion or two, bedding, or kitchen utensils.

The show home at our Southampton development Chapel Riverside is a great example of how you can do this, with a stylish blue sofa taking centre stage in the living area.

5. Kitchen Minimalism – The idea of ‘smart storage’ has become increasingly popular in recent years, with kitchens serving as a prime example of how to implement it. Many of our kitchens, for example, feature high quality handleless units, to really give a crisp, uninterrupted finish to this important home-space.

6. Retro Geometric – Retro style/geometric shapes are making a huge comeback, with wallpaper prints and minimalist furnishings being incorporated into many modern homes. Our apartment scheme Venue showcases this particular style, with a plethora of retro/geometric designs found throughout the property in browns, golds and black. There is something undeniably classy about this trend, and, in Venue’s case, it gives a subtle nod towards its’ fascinating past. 

8. Clean White Lines – There is nothing uninspiring about white clean lines. When we consider a blank canvas, we see potential, we see space to think and room to explore. Starting afresh with a home that features clean white lines or a neutral colour palette could be just the thing to help you feel inspired during lockdown. Many of our properties are crafted in such a way, allowing buyers to decorate their home to their taste.