Published: Monday 5 December 2022

Environmental benefits of our homes at Templar Green & Cheshunt Lakeside

Discover how our developments are designed with efficiency in mind

There is a lot to consider when buying a home; decisions about location, size, and price often take the forefront. However, with energy prices soaring and carbon emissions at an all-time high, taking energy efficiency into consideration has never been more important – for the sake of the planet and your own wallet. At Inland Homes, our developments are designed with efficiency in mind, helping our residents to simultaneously reduce their utility bills and their carbon footprints. As such, in a world that is becoming increasingly expensive and environmentally conscious, there has never been a better time to own a new build.

New research by the Home Builders Federation has revealed that owners of new-builds can expect to save up to £2600 a year on energy bills. One reason for this is that they have been found to use almost a third less energy per square metre than their older counterparts. Thanks to the advanced technology and materials we use at Inland Homes, our residents can rest assured that their houses will stay cosy this winter without breaking the bank due to their superior insulation.

At Templar Green, a boutique collection of two, three, and four-bedroom homes in Cressing, Essex, homes have been built with thermal insulation in mind, with ground floor underfloor heating to warm the properties, a feature that is enhanced by double glazed windows to retain heat and help reduce energy costs. Energy-saving bathroom appliances such as dual flush toilets help to reduce water usage, and low energy lighting options are sustainable additions to these premium homes.

Homes at Cheshunt Lakeside feature similar energy saving solutions, as well as energy efficient Zanussi appliances, underfloor heating, PIR communal lighting around the development, and PV panels to supplement the communal electricity. Environmental wellbeing has been carefully considered at every stage of the design of these one and two-bedroom apartments. The stylish homes available at Cheshunt Lakeside have been constructed with 100% recyclable concrete bricks, and fitted with doors, skirting and architrave made from sustainable PEFC & FSC Timber.

Choosing a new-build also helps push us towards a carbon-zero future. It has been estimated that a new energy-efficient home releases on average 2.2 tonnes less carbon dioxide per year than a Victorian equivalent. To put this in context, this is roughly the same amount of carbon dioxide that would be emitted from driving to and from China, making this a very sizable reduction. Though not yet mandated, energy efficiency laws are looming on the horizon. At Inland Homes, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, incorporating a multitude of sustainable building features where possible, helping to set a greener standard.

For example, as homebuilders we feel the responsibility to conserve and add to the green spaces that surround our developments. At our site in Cressing Essex, green spaces have been weaved into the development Templar Green to create wildlife corridors for the biodiversity protected in the surrounding mature woodlands, truly bringing nature to your doorstep. Similarly, at one of our flagship sites, Cheshunt Lakeside, homes feature electric car charging points, and public transport has been supported through the incorporation of safe pedestrian and cycle pathways.

If you are excited at the possibility of moving to a more environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient home, then why not check out our range of available homes across the country here.