Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2019

1. Introduction

This statement is made in accordance with section 54 (1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 by Inland Homes Plc and each of its group companies for the financial reporting period to 30 September 2019. Inland Homes Plc has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery within our business operations and supply chain. In this statement we set out our approach to meeting the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act.

2. Our Business

Inland Homes are established land professionals and housebuilders. We focus on building residential and mixed-use communities for sale, or for partner organisations, across the south and south-east of England.
Our land portfolio has a gross development value of £2.4bn, comprising 7,796 plots of which 2,956 have planning consent.

The Group employs approximately 160 people. Our recruitment over the past year has focused on technical and site-based staff to meet the needs of the growing building arm of the business.
Our supply chain includes infrastructure and construction contractors, sub- contractors, consultants and professional service advisors. We also work closely with a range of stakeholders including housing associations, housebuilders, funders, local and planning authorities, regulatory bodies, Homes England and joint venture partners.

The activities of the Group and its joint ventures are undertaken solely in the United Kingdom and all the Group’s companies and joint ventures have their registered office in England. Inland Homes Plc is an AIM listed organisation.

3. Our policy

During the financial year, we intend to further strengthen our commitment to combating modern slavery and human trafficking by developing and implementing an Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking policy. This will sit alongside our existing policies, such as the Group’s Whistleblowing policy and Anti-bribery Policy, to ensure an effective system of control is in place.

Through our sustainable procurement policies, we set out our commitment to specify sustainable materials and work with supply chain partners that demonstrate a high regard for, and promote, social responsibility. Our Sustainable Procurement Strategy is explicit in the requirement for all members of our supply chain regardless of size, to work to ensure modern slavery does not occur in their supply chain.

4. Risk assessment and due diligence process

We are in the process of assessing our supply chain to understand areas of high risk. This work is being done alongside our routine due diligence. We engage with all current and future suppliers to ensure their approach to preventing modern slavery is in line with our expectations and those of the legislation in place. We also work closely with Constructionline, who audit our larger sub-contractors’ compliance with the Modern Slavery Act on our behalf.

5. Training and staff awareness

All our employees are aware that Inland operates a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery in our business and supply chains. A mandatory online training module which addresses modern slavery and human trafficking was issued in 2019. We will be reviewing the Group’s Whistleblowing Policy during the next financial year to ensure that it sets out a robust approach to reporting concerns about the existence of modern slavery in our business and supply chain and protects staff in that regard.

6. 2020 Objectives

- Establish a working party (MSA working party) to focus on the risks presented by modern slavery to the Group and our supply chain. The MSA working party will ensure a consistent approach to risk assessment and due diligence throughout the organisation. It will also ensure that all polices, and procedures are in line with the required legislation and implemented across the Group

- Develop and implement Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy. Review all associated policies, such as Whistleblowing and Anti-Bribery

- Inland Homes to become signatories to the Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authorities Construction Protocol, which is a joint agreement aimed at establishing collaboration within the construction industry. The Protocol commits signatories to work in partnership to protect vulnerable workers, share information to help stop or prevent exploitation and commit to raising awareness within the supply chain

- Inland Homes to register with Stronger2gether, which is a multi-stakeholder initiative set up to support construction companies in tackling modern slavery, providing a safe platform and support network for sharing challenges and good practice with peers and experts. More information can be found here:

- Given the size of our property portfolio, we recognise the importance of monitoring “on-site” activity by our employees and our suppliers, to mitigate against the risk of slavery or trafficking taking place on our sites, particularly those which are more remote. We intend to incorporate a risk assessment as part of the Health and Safety onsite inspections.

- Inland Homes to become a partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

7. This statement and the associated polices remain subject to annual monitoring and review. Going forward this will be undertaken by the MSA working party, on behalf of the Board.

Stephen Wicks
CEO and Board Member
Inland Homes 2019

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2018