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Jasmine Park Testimonials

“I am just thrilled with my new home; it has a lovely layout and the build quality is outstanding. At Jasmine Park they are really well designed and you get a good-sized back garden, which is rare in new-build and it gives me a lovely space to de-stress and enjoy being outside. I would definitely recommend Inland Homes to my family and friends, its customer service and build quality is excellent and the homes are built with a modern lifestyle in mind. Inland Homes has been incredibly supportive during my house buying process. I would buy an Inland house again absolutely, as they have been really helpful, fast and efficient during the whole process.”

Mark Porteous – Jasmine Park

 “I wasn’t anticipating buying until later next year but when I came across Jasmine Park, I fell in love! Jasmine Park is in a great location for me, on a really quiet road and is just outside of the town centre. All my family and friends think my new home is gorgeous and I’ve recommended it to my friends who are currently renting. We are looking forward to personalising our home more, we’ve got big plans for the garden and in a few years’ time, the property would still be a perfect size to start a family.”

Deanne & Mitchell – Jasmine Park
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